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Training Trainers for Migrants and Roma

Lifelong Learning Programme,


Dear Sir, dear Madam, dear colleagues, dear all:

We would like to invite you to our quality event in the framework of the European Grundtvig project “TTMIRO – Training trainers for migrants and Roma 2012-2014”.

The QUALITY EVENT will start on Friday, 1 of March 2013, at 12:00 h.

VENUE: 166, rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels

Language: English


11:15 h Registration

12:00 h Welcome by EU WAREHOUSE (BE) and NOSTOS (GR)

12:15 h Expert panel and discussion on quality aspects in European adult education

  • European Commission’s policies with regards to quality assurance in adult education - Tapio Säävälä, Head of Sector, European Commission, DG Education and Culture;
  • Transferability of European work results as a quality element - EPOS vzw - Renilde Reynders, NA LLP;
  • Quality assurance on organizational level: main challenges - Louise Van Couillie / Els Verstraete, VDAB;
  • How can we profit from social services? - Hans Steimle, Y.E.S. Forum, Vice Director BAG EJSA, senior expert in social, employment, LLL and youth issues.  

13:30 h Invitation to a light lunch and informal encounters

Ca. 14:00 h Quality workshops with the TTMIRO project partners from Belgium, Greece, Germany and the UK

Ca. 16:30 h End of meeting

Please find the report on the quality event here.

See article from the EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults: EAEA article on TTMIRO.

Please find the invitation here.

Please find the registration form here.

More information on the GRUNDTVIG TTMIRO project: -